The neutrality of trees


In a polarity session this week, I was reminded of the powerful way that nature teaches us about neutrality and how this can be such an incredible resource for empaths.

Perhaps you have had a time in your life when someone you deeply cared for was suffering. It can be difficult for anyone to witness this, but for an empath who feels other people’s pain as though it was their own, who carries the depths of others sorrows around in their own bones, it can be downright debilitating.

Even when one knows how to differentiate between their own pain and another’s (the first step in not getting overtaken), it can still be hard to let them have their suffering without trying to hold it for them. Especially in familial or intimate relationships, it is common to think that we can somehow help those we love through their trials by taking their problems on. Even the most emotionally or spiritually intelligent people do this at times, as it is part of our learning.

As I sat with my wise empathic client on this occasion,  I was reminded of an experience I had many years ago with a tree. The image just popped into my head in the way that only a medicine story would. I felt my heart softening as I spoke of it.

The story took place during a moment in my life when I was overtaken with feelings of deep sadness for the earth and how humans mistreat it. I was particularly heartbroken over the way trees are carelessly massacred without any thought or respect for their sentience. I wanted to know how the trees could deal with such rampant death and destruction. Were they angry? Were they sad? How could they not be?

So I journeyed to a particularly large and ancient tree who seemed as though it would be wise enough to speak for all the trees. I did this in a quiet meditative state, where I projected my consciousness beyond my body so that I could see and feel and hear the spirit of the tree more easily than I can from my ordinary state of mind.  I asked it to show me how it felt about the way its fellow trees were being treated. I asked the tree for forgiveness for my own humanness and for the wrongs I carried for myself and all my ancestors and relations. I asked if the tree would help me understand how to deal with this heavy sadness that weighed my heart down.

Of course, the tree was not angry or even upset. What the tree conveyed to me instead was a state of total neutrality. It was not concerned with humans or other trees or the earth. It did not need my apologies. It did not need me to carry around my own or anyone else’s wrongdoings. It did not need anything at all from me.

And yet there was a very mutually satisfying exchange that happened between us, simply by my reaching out and saying hello. I learned that my attention was the greatest gift I could give to this or any being. I learned that by simply opening my heart to it, I could feel the kind of peace and neutrality that is so abundant in all of nature. My own judgment seeped out of my body as a new awareness came in. I too could be neutral like this tree.

When I shared this story with my client, I could see that she understood. She was receptive enough to feel the transmission that I had received from this tree or perhaps the tree was now offering itself to her through me. Without my needing to address her issue head-on, she found her way to her own resolution.

Sometimes, perhaps always, the best way to love someone is to let them have their own trials and tribulations, trusting that their suffering is exactly what they need. By knowing that it is from their highest wisdom that they attract these rites and initiations, we honor them.

When we love the way trees love, we do not ask people to be better than they are. When we can sit with the neutrality of the trees, we do not suffer for our own or anyone else’s destruction. When we listen the way trees listen, we hear the bigger story of timelessness and perfection.


Amanda Lux

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Learning the language of the soul of the world

“…Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything because it’s all written there.” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

Regardless of whether you currently have a healing practice of some sort or not, having a curiosity about energy and paying attention to the ways energy flows in your own body and in the world around you is well worth exploring. Learning how to follow the energy is the same within a session as it is in everyday life. It all comes down to, “learning the language of the soul of the world,” as Coelho wrote.

If one is curious enough to want to learn this language, or if one has a deep enough desire to become fluent in the phenomenological conversation that gives rise to all things, then learning the principals and practice of Polarity Therapy can provide a wealth of opportunities. Although intuitive development is certainly a big part of grasping the subtleties of energy medicine, Polarity goes much deeper into the study of the art and language of how energy flows. 

Like learning any language, there is a method that involves learning how to read the signs, symbols or artifacts. Over time one builds trust as they become more fluent. This fluency is greatly increased when you engage in the conversation on a regular basis. But following the energy, trusting your intuition to guide you to the most potent place of healing, and being willing to act on the subtle nudges that bubble up from within the field, takes a certain amount of courage no matter how experienced you are. 

In private practice just as in life, this requires mindfulness and a willingness to stay alert and curious. In fact, curiosity may be the most important element of all.

After nearly 15 years of private practice, I still have a moment in almost every session when I wonder what is going on. Where is the energy? What does this person need? 
How do I really know that my intuitive nudges are arising from or for them and are not just figments of my own imagination? But this kind of disorientation is really just a marker that I have entered the mystery. 

Being in the mystery, I have come to realize, is just as powerful if not more so, than thinking I know the exact coordinates of where I am and where I am meant to go. 
I have had to learn how to surrender to the work, surrender to the moment, in order to trust the process of unfolding. In this way, I have come to know without a doubt that the work works. 

Learning to distinguish between intuition and imagination is about as subtle as determining a weed from a flower. It is entirely contextual and subjective. It’s about paying attention to what shows up in the space, and being interested in certain things over others. Where are you called? What stands out? What keeps bobbing up to the surface asking to be noticed? 

When I am following the energy, I am listening with my whole body, to the body and soul of the person I am working with, to the body and soul of the world speaking through me, them, the space, the moment. I believe it is this quality of listening that generates the potential for true healing to occur. The kind of healing that happens inexplicably, not because we think we know how healing should look.

It is natural and important to question everything so we can learn how to recognize our own truth. But there is a difference between curiosity and doubt. It is good to ask yourself which part of you is doing the asking! By letting go of needing to be right about what we see or perceive, by not needing to understand or validate our intuitive insights, we cultivate the trust necessary to truly listen. By honoring things as they are without needing to prove or dissect them, we offer greater respect for the whole of things. For the soul of things. 

More and more, I prefer to dwell in this state of constant curiosity, welcoming these magical moments, so I may step through the portal of mystery as often as possible.  To revel in wonderment. To be constantly intrigued. In this way the work not only works, it ceases to feel like work at all. It feels like play. 

Amanda Lux

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For the creator in you…




There is an unbelievable resource within you. 
It goes so far beyond what you can possibly conceive- it is limitless. 
Unfathomably glorious
Existing in the creative unconscious. 
It is your birthright to access this.

(because we are made for delighting in simple things
                yet as seekers, we are complex and curious. 
We are made to revel in our own light 
                where endless skies fly us home and
We are made to be wary of the dark, 
                and still venture out alone
into the great unknown 
inside us.

To deep sea dive into our own vast depths
Where creatures wait to devour us
Creatures who are also us.

We are made to harvest our fears with willful vigor
To go towards instead of shrink away

War cries
Make believe

We are made to revel in the undefinable.
Where we are wild 
         beneath our pleasantries
Where we dare to push the boundaries.

We have edges
that compel us. 
We have rage that frightens us.
We have tragedies that do not define us. 

All useful fodder for the creations inside us.

For what we have to bring forth
Is greater than us. )

This infinite resource you have access to 
is seeking you. 
What you long for
longs for you 
      you are the vessel
      the channel.
You are the way to bring it through.
You are the creator 
and the creation too.

Amanda Lux

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Be your own guide

I remember learning as a child that many Indigenous peoples specifically the Native Americans as a general rule would ask permission before walking on grass, harvesting a plant, taking down a tree, killing an animal in the hunt. My literal mind marveled at the tedious dedication this must have taken, to ask every blade of grass before walking upon it.

I wondered how I could possibly live like this, asking all the time before taking, stepping, picking, partaking. Because the life I grew up with moved so much quicker and used so many more resources than the native peoples from long ago, I was overwhelmed by this notion. The way I saw it I had two choices. I would either have to live in a perpetual state of heightened awareness, of asking for permission and forgiveness, attempting to remain in right relationship, or I would have to forget so that I could function within the confines of this industrialized capitalist society.

By default, I remembered as often as I could but I forgot a lot of the time. Along with forgetting, I bought into the notion that I was small in the grand scheme of things, singular and somewhat unimportant to the whole. A speck of dust in the vacuum of the universe. This illusion of smallness allowed me to function except for the constant interruptions to the program, that caused a lot of heartaches and a constant soul seeking drive for healing and purpose. Something was just so very off about this!

Where was the way out? Where was the way in?

At some point, my desire to be in alignment with the deeper truth took precedence over the functionality of just getting by. I couldn’t take it anymore. When this happened so did the unraveling of my paradigm.

I had to seriously take responsibility for knowing how powerful and important and a part of the whole, I actually was. This has been dispelling the belief so tightly wound into my bones, that I am small and separate therefor I alone couldn’t possibly make a difference.

The other belief I have had to retire is that it is hopeless, too hard or too late to make a difference because the world is so far gone and out of whack.

Relinquishing these limiting beliefs has not been easy. It has meant that I have to actually do the work that my higher self asks me to do. No matter how hard it seems. And this would be easy if not for the ego.

The ego’s job, in my experience, is not to convince me to be ‘full of myself’. Quite the contrary. It is to try and convince me to carry on thinking I am not capable of making a difference, and that I might as well give up now and eat cupcakes. Watch a movie on Netflix. Have a glass of wine. Chillax. Tune out. Carry on. Don’t rock the boat. It doesn’t matter what I do anyway.

The truth, however, is that I am powerful, I am divine, and the universe is absolutely revolving around me. And this is true for each and every one of us simultaneously. The best thing we can do is be full of ourselves. Be fully here, fully responsible for our creations, be fully engaged in making things right between us and all our relations.

There is an ongoing everpresent dialogue between the seen and unseen, between the here and the in-between, and it is only getting louder as we hurdle further out of balance toward the inevitable tipping point that will either destroy or restore us.

And when we consider the quantum reality that “all time is now”, we have to know that it is never too late to step up and participate or to do our part. It is our karmic duty to contribute as wholeheartedly as we can to the healing of the planet and all beings. To live in accordance with the truth of our interconnection and in harmony with all things.

Perhaps it is the bodhisattva spirit in me that feels this way, but to be honest, I think it is the only way to be, responsibly.

As the wise Hiro Boga recently said,

“In my culture [in India] there is a 5000-year-old tradition of working with the subtle energy realms to maintain the harmony peace and stability of the earth and all her inhabitants. I honor that legacy and have contributed to it in my own way for more than sixty years. Doing so hasn’t stopped me from acting to effect change through direct action- far from it- but soul alchemy and subtle energy work are at the root of everything I do in the world. And as I age, they are increasingly my primary mode of activism.

To claim that there is only one acceptable form of activism is to pose a false dichotomy between subtle energy activism and other forms of action directed towards effecting social change. One does not preclude the other.”

I am so grateful to the cultures, and peoples both living and ancestral who understood all along, these spiritual values – to any degree and in every single way. I am so grateful that I was raised with the awareness that this way even existed.

Because it has been painful to me to live in a world where these values are not recognized. Like many sensitives, I recognize that the lack of a coherent or cohesive philosophy that is in harmony with the sentience of all things is a sad thing indeed. I long for a return to these ancient knowings that recognize, honor and hold everyone accountable through our interconnectedness. I long for the masses to embrace the reality of the subtle energetics that affects all things.

And yet, even knowing this deeper truth, in theory, is not enough. We must take right action, remember, learn, and teach each other how to become the subtle activists that can make real and lasting positive change.

So if you, like me have ever wondered where to begin, then I invite you to keep that question alive.

Because simply asking this question is the first and most important step we can take. In order to make any kind of change within ourselves or the world, we have to become aware that a change needs to happen in the first place.

And when we ask the question, “how do we engage with the subtle energies around and within us”, we are already beginning to engage with them.

It is like looking for anything or anyone we have temporarily lost touch with. Because the subtle energy that gives rise to all things is not separate from you. The spirit helpers, guides, and allies who are waiting to whisper guidance in your ear are not separate from you. But if we have not been a part of the dialogue that takes us into this deeper relationship with spirit, nature, each other and ultimately ourselves, then we tend to forget this. They feel separate, far away, unbelievable. I know because I have gone through many phases of my life where I question and doubt.

What if you don’t know how to engage with the subtle energies?

What I know to be true is that these energies are always available. And if we want to learn how to be conscious co-creators, then we need to learn how to listen and remember that this is our birthright.

If we treat Spirit the way we treat any friend with whom we have temporarily lost touch, that we would like to feel closer to, then all we need to do is give them our attention. We call out. We call them by name. We say, “I have not forgotten you. You are important. I would like to connect with you”.

We get into a receptive mode. We wait patiently. We trust they are near.

Consistency is key. We cannot call out once and then give up. We need to engage on a regular basis, be willing to build a new relationship with this sacred part of ourselves that exists in the subtle realm.

This is about learning how to hone our innate intuitive abilities. It is about learning how to trust the ‘imaginary’. It is about remembering our dreams. It is about engaging with nature, with each other, with our own healing journey in a deeper way.

It is helpful to have regular practices, it is helpful to have support so you are not always engaging alone.

When we dream together and validate each other’s dreams, then we rewrite consensual reality. It is essential that as a community we work to shift the paradigm of separation, together.

I have been asking the planet, my guides and the powers that be how I can contribute and be of service and I have never enjoyed the answer. Because it has always dragged me outside of my comfort zone and required greater effort than I feel is reasonable. But I have been listening and the thing I know for sure is that I am being asked to share my stories, to hold space for other people to share their stories, and to create opportunities for education and connection around developing a practice of tuning in and engaging in the conversation. This is the deepest conversation I know of. It is the one that takes place within you, with the god of your heart, with the guides of your soul, with the subtle energies that weave together the material realm in which we live.

This is about finding your own channel, showing up for your truest purpose, doing the healing necessary to clean up the mess we have all contributed to. The individual and the collective are one.

It is time to activate the wisdom keeper within you. It is time for us to collectively remember how to be in right relationship with the world, by coming into alignment with ourselves and each other energetically.

It is time to stop filling our time with busy work and a false sense of connection or productivity. It is time to stop making excuses or hiding behind our hurdles as though there isn’t enough to go around.

There is more than enough to go around it just needs to be distributed more fairly. More abundantly.

Showing up for your highest potential is about learning how to listen in a deeper way. It is about being empowered on your spiritual journey so you can be your own guide to the divine.

No one else can do this for you, and no one can do it alone.

It is up to each of us to claim our sovereignty as much as our sacred unity.


Amanda Lux




“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual.
The next Buddha may take the form of a community- a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh


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Follow your bliss

Dear fellow dreamers, visionaries, and overachievers, 

If you have ever had an idea you really wanted to bring to fruition, a change in your life you really wanted to make, or some version of a goal you have longed to reach for, then perhaps you can relate to my story.

As I have endeavored to continually follow my soul’s deeper yearnings, I have come to realize that it isn’t always as easy as it seems like it should be. It takes time to manifest. It takes patience and perseverance. And at times it is downright difficult!

But how do we discern whether the struggle is worth it? 

Sometimes we struggle because we think we should do something, and meanwhile, life is pushing us in another direction.

This, I do not recommend.  I do believe that there are some ideas worth pursuing and some best left in the idea stage of course. 

I have come to recognize the difference, in the way an invitation to follow my bliss arises as a physical sensation.  It seems to come from a place beyond and yet deep within me, as opposed to coming from my head that observes what other people are doing and wonders if that is what I should do as well. 

My soul’s guidance often starts out as a subtle feeling in my belly like a little tug. I hear it in my chest like a quiet whisper. A timid little, “what if” that plants itself like a seed in my heart of hearts.

I see it in visions that follow me around all day long, I see it in synchronicities, and in my night dreams. Nudging, prodding, inspiring. 

Taking action on these intuitive nudges takes tremendous faith and effort, however.

It is much easier to blow them off. It is much harder to say yes. Which is why it is good to know that our bliss is not always hanging out on easy street.

And this is something I only recently realized, as I used to have this idea that following one’s dreams should be easy…but I was so wrong!

In fact, once I stepped fully onto my path and made the commitment to myself to follow through, every possible obstacle presented itself. I have had so many barriers to so many of these dreams, both professional and artistic, that I considered giving up almost from the get-go. Every time. 

I’m not sure where I got the idea that it would be easy to charge in the direction of my deeper purpose or to “follow my bliss”. But somehow the struggle and diligence and sweat and blood and tears and courageous conquering of my fears really surprised me! 
Oh, the humility it requires! 
The finagling of funds! 
The hours spent in resistance and then in persistence and then in creation mode and re-creation mode!
All the iterations! 
All the self-doubt!
If you only knew how many coaches and healers I have hired, and workshops I’ve taken. All the hours spent at my altar praying fervently.
All the sleepless nights and hours of elaborate daydreaming.
I have worked so hard and yet all along I was (sort of) subconsciously judging myself… for working so hard. 

All because I had this strange idea that, if it was “meant to be”, it would somehow just flow forth like a happy bubbly river into an ocean of abundance. 

But you know, it is only sometimes like this. And often it isn’t. 

This assumption, however, has plagued me for YEARS.
Recently though, a beautiful lightbulb went off inside my head and I realized that it’s not always such a bad thing when shit gets hard. 

Here is what led to my lightbulb: 

I was halfway through my Ashtanga Saturday morning teacher-led yoga class last week. I was struggling and quivering, pouring sweat onto my mat, feeling like I was surely the most suffering person in the room. I was probably swearing under my ujjayi breath. (Like you do), when my teacher paused in her instruction and simply said, “yoga is hard”.

At that moment the whole room collectively sighed with relief. I felt so validated and suddenly so not alone. A new surge of energy entered my body. 

I think it must have come from some secret reserve that can only be activated by the feeling of being “in it together”.
It is the power that comes from commiserating with one’s community. 

Do you know this feeling?

I realized two things at that moment:

One was the metaphor this momentous “AHA” provided, which was that I had been working really hard in my life (not just on the yoga mat) because that is just what it takes to make progress. Not because I was inept. But because doing your soul’s work in the world takes great effort!

‘Following your bliss’ is actually a lot more work than one might think!

Some dreams (if you are so lucky) are going to push you to become something else than you were before. 
Some dreams, when you pursue them seriously are going to kick your ass. 
They’re going to test you. 
They’re going to be harder than you think they should be. 
There will be many moments of frustration and if you’re anything like me, you will try to sabotage your own progress by thinking it should be easy. You will probably assume that because it is so challenging, you might be barking up the wrong tree. But do not be fooled.

Whatever it is your soul yearns for, it is worth the effort it takes to create, to push through, to keep trying. Something magical happens when we keep showing up.

The second realization I had in that AHA moment on my yoga mat was…. it takes a village to raise your vibration. 

We can suffer alone, but why should we?
When we come together for a common purpose, there is so much more energy available. So much more is possible. If you want to make amazing changes in your life, collect other people who are working towards their goals as well. It is important that we rely on each other, lift each other up. 

So just in case you are attempting to uplevel your own life, or even considering following a quiet nudge that beckons you to dive in, I thought I would reach out and let you know it is worth it. 
Begin it. Keep going. 
You are not alone. 
And if it feels hard, terrifying, or impossible then you know you are on the right path, because it should! 


Amanda Lux

If you ever need a cheerleader or someone to hold you accountable to your dreams, who will give you good vibes, rally on your behalf, hold your hand and confirm your suspicions that the universe is conspiring to unleash your personal creative genius, then please reach out to me. It’s what I love to do most of all. 


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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine comes in many different forms and healing modalities. Therefore, there are a variety of definitions. From the polarity perspective, energy medicine is the underlying essence of all healing arts. Lifeforce energy is what connects, animates and vibrates within all things. Energy medicine seeks to balance and return one’s energy to a natural state of flow, releasing any blockages which may give rise to illness or disease.   

Science has come a long way in validating what the ancients knew all along and t
here is a growing interest and demand for deeper study.  I am grateful to have witnessed throughout my career over the past fifteen years, the gradual and continual opening of minds, as the general public embraces “alternative” medicine more and more each year. 

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (formerly National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) has increased its budget from $2 million in 1993 to $130.5 million in 2017 which goes to show, there is a huge shift in the current paradigm of health and wellness. 

The science that seems to be helping this process along has been able to measure astounding things that are by nature, seemingly mystical. Thanks to quantum physics, biophysics, electrobiology, electrophysiology, neurobiology, neuroanatomy,  and more, we are closer than ever to proving the existence of our multidimensional interconnectedness. According to Rodney A.Brooks (who received a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University), “reality consists only of fields and interactions between fields”. 

In Quantum Field Theory, matter is no longer viewed as being made of solid particles.  At the atomic level we understand that regardless of how solid things seem, the world is made up primarily of space. In fact, if we took all the “empty” space out of the empire state building, what remains would be the size of a grain of rice. A very, very heavy grain of rice. 

And even the so called space between all things is not as empty as it seems. It is, in fact, alive and communicating with all space everywhere at once.

It is mind blowing, isn’t it? 

The old mechanistic perspective that our organs communicate with each other via transmitters and genes, is over.  We now understand that the level of communication between each of our bodily systems is too great to be explained this way when one cell affects trillions of other cells throughout the entire body instantaneously. 

There is an intelligence that orchestrates the functions within our bodies and within the universe that is utterly interconnected.

“If we, on our most fundamental level, are packets of quantum energy constantly exchanging information with this heaving energy sea, it means that all of us connect with each other and the world at the level of the very undercoat of our being. It also means that we have the power to access much more information about the world than we realize. “  -Lynn McTaggart

My interest in understanding how energy works, is what drew me to polarity therapy. It wasn’t enough for me to simply experience the miraculous benefits of active, somatic listening, or hands-on healing. I wanted to know at the deepest level possible how healing worked, and why it only worked sometimes and not others. I knew that if I understood how energy was organized and reorganized by our intention and attention to it, this knowledge would increase my own potency, effectiveness, and capacity to be of service.

Polarity captivated me from the get-go because it encompasses all the principals of healing and wholeness that resonate with me personally while requiring a thorough exploration into the why and how energy medicine works. More than a simple energy based healing technique, polarity therapy is a truly holistic healing modality based on the science of energy both ancient and cutting edge. It is deeply rooted in the foundations of Ayurveda which has been saying for over 5,000 years what modern science is just beginning to validate. In the polarity model:

  • All things are fundamentally made of the same five elements, of ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth. We are elemental beings, inexplicably interconnected to all things.


  • We are made of energy just as everything is, which is why energy medicine treats dis-ease at the vibrational level from where the dysfunction arises. In contrast, the allopathic approach tends to treat the symptoms once they have already manifested.


  • By focusing on wellness as opposed to just illness, we can put our attention on the whole person, finding out where their greatest resource lies. Rather than simply asking “what is wrong with you”, the polarity therapist wants to know, “what is right with you”. Then we can work to align the system with the vibration of health that already exists.


  • Polarity is transpersonal and evolutionary, in its approach. It not only considers the micro perspective of the body and its functions, the psyche, and the emotions, but it is equally as interested in the macro view of soul and the learning and growing we are here to experience.


  • Healing is not always the same as fixing. There are no accidents, as everything we attract whether we see it as good or bad, happens for the purpose of growth. Polarity honors the inherent intelligence of each individual and their unique healing path.

In a Polarity session, I tune into the field of energy that encompasses the physical body and extends invisibly beyond it. I can read the health of the whole system by listening deeply to the expression of any one of its parts. I can feel which elements are in tune with the rest, and which are blocking the overall flow. This is not hard to perceive once you learn how to pay attention. It isn’t magic but it is incredibly mystical which is why it is so fascinating to me. 

When we begin to open our minds to the implications of the scientific basis for energy medicine, the possibilities for healing on all levels increase exponentially.

It is my personal mission to be a part of this movement. I have dedicated my career and life path to sharing the powerful potential that lies within us all to live in harmony with our natural environment, to live vibrantly in balance within ourselves and to raise the vibrational resonance of the collective consciousness of which we are all a part.

Amanda Lux

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If you are interested in learning more about how energy works and how you can find more balance, vibrancy, and healing in your life, I hope you will join me at my upcoming FREE intro to polarity class on Thursday, May 10th from 6:30-8  

There will be an experiential presentation, live demo, polarity tea, and plenty of good vibes to go around!
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Bring a friend.
Bring your grandmother.
Come as you are.

I hope to see you there!

On the importance of dreaming

Nusta Blossoming

Seven years ago, a Q’ero Shaman came to Olympia from the high Andes of Southern Peru to connect the energy lines of the North and South. They offered a weekend workshop for the purpose of sharing certain teachings and transmissions that would reawaken the seven Nusta’s or Goddesses of South America within the participants here in the North. I knew about the workshop because it was happening at the wellness center where I worked. At the time I did not have the money to go, so I didn’t really think much about it. 

But I had a dream a few days before the workshop started that a group of unfamiliar Peruvian people came to my door. They were peeking in my windows and wandering around my yard. I was afraid to let them inside but they continued to knock on my door. I tried to hide inside my house and told them to go away. They yelled through the door that they knew I had some stones of theirs but I didn’t know what they were talking about or where the stones were.

Calmly, they proceeded to dismantle my house piece by piece while I frantically looked around and tried to figure out if I had them. I discovered to my surprise that I did have the stones they were looking for. They were hidden under my bed. 

When I woke up I was so confused but I knew the dream was important. It was so vivid that I couldn’t let it go. I asked for a friends advice while we sat outside in my backyard in the sun, and she suggested I find someone to help me interpret the dream.  I knew that I was just as capable as anyone of this so I decided to go into a meditative state and re-enter the dream right then and there. No one taught me how to do this, I just did it because it seemed like the natural thing to do. 

I closed my eyes and imagined myself back inside the dream standing in my home.  I answered the door this time and asked the woman point blank why she was there and why they were dismantling my house. She told me once more that I had the stones they needed, and I was supposed to go to the workshop that was happening that weekend. I told them I didn’t have the money and they said not to worry, the money would come. 

Oddly enough, I got an unexpected check in the mail that day for almost the exact amount. Of course, I knew it was no coincidence. 

The next day, one day before it was supposed to start, I went to the woman who was hosting and organizing the workshop and asked if it wasn’t too late for me to come. She said I was welcome to join them, but there was one prerequisite that everyone was required to do beforehand. I had to find seven stones and bring them with me!

Apparently, the Q’ero had brought some special stones with them. Each of the seven Nusta’s or Goddesses we were working with, were represented by a stone that was gathered from a sacred mountain in the Andes. Each stone (and Goddess) represented one of the seven energy centers in the body. We were supposed to gather our own stones and link the energy of their location with ours and continue to work with them on our own for 56 days thereafter so that the energy of the Nusta’s would blossom within us.

At the time, I did not know whether my participation meant anything or not. I didn’t really know if it would change me, or if I had the capacity to help bring this change forth in the world. But within a couple of years, something had indeed started to blossom and miracle has followed miracle ever since.

This was, in fact, a dream initiation that reawakened my fascination with dreaming which I had always had since I was a child. If I had ignored this dream, I never would have gone to the workshop. I began to wonder how else my dreams were communicating with me.

When I finally started paying more attention to my dreams they began interacting with my daily life in a deeper way.  Once this doorway between the worlds opened up for me, my creativity burst forth and I started painting visions that came in both waking and night dreams before I even knew where they were coming from. I started writing from my dreams. I received songs, dances, and poetry from my dreams. I found these connections exploding all around and within me. I wanted to learn more about the creative unconscious so I studied hypnotherapy, tarot, and became an Active Dream Teacher. 

I started participating in the collective dreaming of the world in a more empowered way.

I have to say that my life has become a thousand times more interesting and profound on a daily basis because of this reawakening to the potency dreams bring. I have grown immensely and healed and blossomed in ways I never thought possible. 

Through paying attention to my night dreams, making space for conscious dream journey work, and taking time out of my days to honor the visitations, inspirations, symbols, images, and emotions that come up, I have not only become an active participant in the running dialogue that comes to me through my dreams, but I have become engaged in the dreaming of my waking life in a more direct way. I have been guided impeccably.

According to wisdom I have received directly from my dreams, I know that it is vitally important that we all start paying attention to our dreams. Because we all have the capacity to dream in magical, meaningful, powerful ways.
This is not a rare skill reserved only for a special few. For as long as people have been on the planet, they have been dreaming and in many societies throughout time and across the globe, communities have dreamed together and heeded the wisdom and warnings that come from dreams. It is only in modern society that this practice has been forgotten, and people have been cut off from remembering and honoring this inherent ability. Our world has suffered greatly from this lack of inner guidance for too long, but dreaming is making a comeback. 

Over the past seven years, I have witnessed a profound spiritual awakening taking place. I have felt it within myself as much as I have felt it on a global level. Simultaneously, the powers that have been reliant on our forgetfulness have risen as well. There can be no light without darkness, but at times it feels to me like we are racing towards a finish line. There has never been a better time to be alive. But if we want to make a shift then we will have to remember how to listen to our dreams. 

“But how do you make sense of your dreams? What do you do if your dreams are jibberish,” you might ask.

To that I would say, it is good to let go of always trying to make sense of things.  It is possible to get meaning from our dreams without needing to know what they mean! 

Because dreams are multi dimensional, we need to approach them in creative ways. We must be willing to listen with more than our mind. We must learn to listen with our body, listen with our soul. 

Trying to make dreams fit into our logical realm is like trying to stuff the universe into a small box that we can label and set on the shelf. 
Neat and tidy? Not so much.

But it is possible to meet your dreams halfway between the conscious and subconscious realms. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have dreamt things that seemed odd and nonsensical, or meaningless and trivial, only to be utterly blown away by the powerful realizations and transformations they contained.  I have harvested incredible wisdom and guidance this way. This is a practice, but it is one we are all capable of.

By cultivating curiosity and a willingness to pay attention, we can be informed by our dreams. We can create a better world this way. We can even dream ourselves awake. 

Amanda Lux
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The Gift of the Empath


By Amanda Lux

The other day, I found a moth being eaten alive by a hundred tiny ants in my living room. Everything in me convulsed. Even as my brain reassured me that this horrific event was in accordance with the harmonious workings of nature, I could not help but feel tremendous sadness, fear and grief as well as disgust. The only thing I could do was shoo the ants away and put the moth out of its misery as quickly as possible. But in order to do this, I had to step out of the experience and be willing to witness the event from a neutral space where I could be fully present to the beings involved and my own experience of it, without projecting my own judgment. As I ended the moth’s life, I honored its journey. I asked that its spirit be fully merged with source. I imagined the brightest light available for it to fly into peacefully, and I let it go.

To come upon a person or any creature who is suffering greatly might be disturbing for anyone. But for an empath, it is more than simply a gross phenomenon of nature. The empath cannot help but feel to a greater degree the pain or suffering of another. For many empaths, this could feel like a curse rather than a gift. After all, what good could possibly come from being overly sensitive to events that are out of one’s control? Especially if it causes more undue suffering?

At times I have been so overwhelmed by this capacity to feel what others are feeling that I lost myself and experienced great pain that was not mine to take on. There is no escape from the endless ways that animals, insects, trees, and people are mistreated and made to suffer in our world. As a child, the zoo felt like the worst kind of prison to me. The grocery store found me sobbing hysterically next to the tank of live lobsters with their pincers bound, desperately trying to escape what would be a painful death of being boiled alive. The thoughtlessly harvested dead carcasses of trees were absolutely everywhere.

It was no surprise, I’m sure, to my family and friends that my nurturing tendencies and deep capacity to feel for others led me to go into the body/ energy work field. I may have been able to survive, but I could never have thrived in a professional environment where I would be asked to numb out or shut down my sensitivities in order to go through my days without acknowledging this deep capacity to feel everyone and everything around me.

Even still, I have known many massage therapists, nurses, psychotherapists and healers from all walks with similar sensitivities who have taken on more than they can handle. Perhaps they did not recognize that they were doing it, or maybe they felt they had no choice. The cost of overly identifying with another’s pain or suffering, however, can be great. Moderating this is a tricky dance. If not done with finesse, one can become very ill, chronically tired, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or, at best, walk around confused, never knowing why they feel the way they feel or what to do about it.

In some ways, it has felt like a necessity, but ultimately it has been my choice to learn how to cultivate this gift in such a way that I could remain open rather than shutting it down and becoming ill or miserable myself. I have dedicated most of my life to learning how to do this. Not because it is so difficult once you know how to differentiate, but because it is a practice that must be honed and worked with on a regular, consistent basis, just like a muscle that has to be utilized in order to not atrophy and become weak. Taking in the depth of others’ experiences is not like a switch you can flip on or off completely. There are times it happens without warning, like a tsunami out of the blue, and only through practice has it become a gift rather than a curse.

The world has only been escalating in opportunities for overwhelm. The sociopolitical environment, random and violent acts and the state of the planet and its ecology have become an energetic minefield for anyone attuned enough to feel into it. There is an increasing agitation and unrest, as well as an immense shift in consciousness as more people wake up to their own power, their own purpose and the innate connection we all have to the planet and each other. This is just how growth occurs. As the polar opposites create a tension in the field of our relating, there is an equal contraction and expansion of consciousness. Much of the world is waking up, shining brighter. Light illuminates shadow. This is why there is so much unrest, upheaval and opportunity for growth.

The gift of the empath is to feel in a neutral way, not to numb out or get overwhelmed with the pain of the world. This kind of depth of feeling has the potential to be of far greater value than the effect it has on the individuals involved in the exchange. When a person is willing to feel for another without taking those feelings on to the degree of their own detriment, something miraculous occurs. It is called witnessing. Witnessing another’s pain or suffering in such a way that it is felt and honored and acknowledged, even subtly and silently without doing anything else about it, has the power to neutralize the charge around it. The charge comes from the tension, the panic, the pain, and the over identification with the experience.

When another person is willing to hold you in their presence, to be with you exactly where you are the field expands and the fear or pain or suffering of whatever kind has an opportunity to breathe. To disperse. To resolve. This kind of witnessing is unattached to outcomes. It is larger than the moment. It comes with a willingness to trust that the person experiencing the suffering has the right to their own experience and that there is a rightness to the universe for it to be happening at all. This kind of witnessing holds the space for all things to be considered, yet doesn’t need to do the considering. It doesn’t need to do anything at all.

During these times of unrest, those of us who feel deeply know that we need to step up and do something. But there is also an important element to the non-doing that needs to be honored. The power of non-doing, of non-judgement, of total trust and surrender, of being the container and being willing to hold space for whatever and whomever, is far more powerful than anything we could ever do. The power of being a witness is not about manning up or numbing out, it is not about overly identifying with the pain or plight of others in an egoic or tragic way. And yet it is the key to making great change. It is the most necessary and radical kind of activism, because even though it may seem passive, it is more profoundly altering than anything.

The gift of the empath is not to take on the feelings of others, it is to be a sacred witness. It is to give the gift of presence and compassion, of seeing and being with another and with the world. When we show up for one another with unattached compassion in this way, we don’t try to fix. We don’t think that we know how to make it better. We simply witness and hold the space for each individual to have their own experience.

It is an isolating thing to be suffering. Underneath our pain, there is a deep feeling of aloneness that longs to be comforted. I believe that in our witnessing we transcend the boundaries of the illusion of our separateness, and we step into the greater field of being where we are all connected. From this place, we are resourced far beyond our individual capacity. In the collective consciousness there is unlimited potential. From this space anything is possible.

The world may seem at times as though it is falling apart. As the old ways no longer serve us, new ways must emerge. In order to balance the masculine and feminine energies within and around us, there is an unlearning that needs to happen. There is a deep remembering as well, because we all came from a womb where we were utterly connected to the mother that birthed us no matter how that eventually turned out. Being attuned to the needs and emotions of others is innately built into human nature, and it can be cultivated, honed, honored and utilized in so many ways. It is a gift to be an empath and it is time for this gift to be recognized.

What would the world be like if we were to nurture this understanding?

More importantly, what will it turn into if we don’t?


Edited by Laurie Szpot

Image credit: Artist: Sarah Meech {Image found here}

Day 2

Well I survived day two! Made it to yoga this morning- after hitting the snooze button a few times, I dragged myself out of bed to practice. After returning home even more bedraggled and getting my kids off to school, I found myself contemplating the rest of the day. Usually I would either go running at this point, or work on my billing and paperwork which is what I decided on due to my energy level (or lack there of). But first I had to just lay my head down on my pillow for a tiny little minute…

Two and a half hours later I woke up with just enough time to get showered and ready for a long shift of massages from 12 to 7:30. I felt like I could have slept ALL DAY!

Alas I made it through and felt much more grounded and level today than yesterday. I started the morning with a half a glass of rice milk mixed with vitamineral greens, vitamin C powder and tri cleanse (triphila with flax and psyllium). Throughout the day I ate three small bowls of kicharee with some kale and broccoli steamed. I ate one apple and one tomato for my mid day snacks. Delicious!!!

At one point during the day I found myself wishing the day would end, the week would end, and the cleanse would end as soon as humanly possible. I didnt feel uncomfortable, just impatient. At that moment I glanced up to see my daily quote calendar by yogi Bhajan  and even though it was on the wrong date, I felt a sweet knowing that it was meant for me to read in that very moment. It said this:

The greatest mantra of the time is ‘keep up’.

Keep up, you will be kept up. ‘Keep up’ is not a small mantra.

If you ever want to know who you are and experience what you are and where you are,

just keep up.

The world shall bow to you.

And so I shall keep up and keep IT up as well.


Amanda  Lux