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 SoulWork for your Body, Mind and Life

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My mission is to listen deeply to the world, to my clients, to myself and to the moment. TO show up authentically, to be a sacred witness.
I am grateful every day for the opportunity to
hold sacred space,

Thank you!

To be of service is the greatest honor.

 The Beautiful Earthen Room


A womb and a sanctuary for healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration.

Located at: 1016 San Francisco Ave NE Olympia WA 98506.

 One mile from downtown Olympia, Washington.

Phone: 360-480-0342  Fax: 360-282-6830
Email: earthinheart@gmail.com

Serving the Olympia area for over a decade!

Are you interested in learning how to balance your energy and align your body and mind with your souls highest purpose?

You have found the right place!

I am happily accepting new clients for the following services:

 Polarity Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Polarity life coaching

BodyMind Bridge Hypnotherapy

Raindrop essential oil therapy

(The Raindrop is the only exception for new massage clients)

Note: I am no longer taking new massage or Insurance clients (unless you are interested in Raindrop aromatherapy massage)

Are you looking for a massage therapist who is also a Regence insurance provider? Try Stephanie Schiavoni!

Looking for a massage therapist who may or may not work with insurance? Try The Massage Place , Soul Space, Trinity massage

 Amanda Lux, Lmp, App, Ch


Online scheduling

Experience Polarity Therapy

 neck massage

TRy polarity as a stand alone or Add Polarity Therapy to any massage session!
Often, physical or emotional pain and dysfunction have their roots in an energetic imbalance. Addressing your issues from an energetic perspective in addition to a physical, can lead to deeper healing and insights.

A polarity session may be added at no extra cost to your massage. If you are interested in trying a polarity session or want to add it to your already scheduled massage, you can let me know at the time of your appointment- no need to book anything differently online.

What does a polarity mini session look like when it’s added onto a massage?

We will spend a little more time at the beginning of your session talking in order to clarify your intention for the work. This could be something you want to shift in your life or your body on an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level. Or all of the above! In a standard polarity session you would not disrobe, but in a mini polarity session you would still receive a massage but we would also incorporate about 10 minutes extra in dialogue and another 10-20 minutes on the energy and body work that is designed to help your energy flow more efficiently.

 For more information on polarity therapy click on the link below.

Check out my video on Polarity therapy!


Massage and Bodywork

Amanda is currently no longer accepting new clients with Regence , Uniform, Aetna, Cigna, LNI If you are looking for an in network provider with Regence, try Stephanie!

I am still open to work with PIP clients upon request. Email earthinheart@gmail.com

Rates for all sessions:

payment due at time of service (sliding scale):

One hour $75-$140 

Hour and a Half $100-$210 

Two Hours $150-$280 

Add the Raindrop essential oil treatment to any session for $20

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Please add 4% onto any amount you owe to cover the cost of fees.

You may also pay with check, money order or cash. You may not pay with chickens. Or cucumbers. Unless they are incredibly delicious cucumbers then I will consider it. Thank you!

Online scheduling

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