Amanda Lux

My mission is to be of service
to shine my light and help others do the same
TO show up authentically as a sacred witness.
 I work from the knowing THAT


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Soul Centered Life Coaching and Mentoring

Phone, video or in person sessions available combining any or all of the following:

Transformational Life Coaching/ mentoring utilizes various tools to clarify your intentions and your purpose, while providing strategies to determine your values, goals, and action steps. My approach to coaching is intuitive, holistic, creative and heart centered. I will not pass judgment or tell you how to live your life or how to fix what is broken in you. Rather, it is my commitment to hold you accountable to your own evolutionary process, hold space for your dreams and to reflect, empower and assist you to connect with your inner knowing and to blossom in your own unique way.  I am committed to always see who you truly are in your magnificence, and to hold impeccable space with my energy, my words, and my actions.

Polarity therapy  is a comprehensive and holistic system of energy medicine, based on the elemental chakra model of Ayurveda. Polarity utilizes somatic listening, intuitive counseling, energetic nutrition, simple yoga exercises, bodywork and energetic balancing. For both distance or in person sessions, polarity therapy provides somatic tools for healing, clarifying and aligning.

BodyMind Bridge hypnotherapy   removes blocks and frees your energy to be directed in new and potent ways. I have been a registered hypnotherapist with the state of Washington since 2013 and cannot speak highly enough of this simple yet profound healing modality, which taps into the wisdom of the creative unconscious allowing you to have a conversation with your body. I will not be inducing a heavy trance state and feeding subliminal messages or attempting to control your thoughts. You will be awake but relaxed enough to get your brain out of your own way so that you can experience the miraculous healing benefits of your bodies innate wisdom and healing  potential.

Active Dreaming  offers access to your intuition and inner guidance. Dreaming is your birthright even if you don’t currently recall your dreams.  Active dreaming works with both night dreams as well as conscious dream journeys experienced together or on your own. After completing the Dream TeacherTraining with  Robert Moss , I took an oath to share this sacred important work with as many dreamers as possible who are ready to wake up and dream. 

I am passionate about empowering you to take concrete steps toward self-realization and the manifestation of your goals, visions, and dreams. 

Serving the Olympia area for over a decade!

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Phone: 360-480-0342  Fax: 360-282-6830 

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I have known Amanda Lux for ten years. During that time i have witnessed her development as a healing arts practitioner. As a lifelong learner committed to growth, she has expanded her massage practice to include a well rounded repertoire of services.

One thing I notice about Amanda is she has an innate ability in energy healing, supported by a lifestyle focused on health practices.  I had the opportunity to experience her Polarity work in the context of a massage session on several occasions. One meeting focused on the Water Element and the other on Earth energy. This was during a time of major transition in my personal life. The work we did together allowed me to release blockages and ground my awareness in the present. I appreciated the chance to engage in dialogue as well. The soul coaching aspect helped me clarify goals for my personal development.

Amanda brings a gentle approach that also challenges a recipient to go deeper. This is not an easy balance to achieve, but she does it with grace.

More recently, I have been able to attend AromaYoga workshops. In this venue, she demonstrates all the qualities I mentioned above, in addition to skills in group facilitation. She knows how to invite participation from group members in a way that’s engaging and fun. Amanda’s approach in all of her work focuses on planting seeds, so to speak. From there, a participant can delve into the work and use the take home materials for further study study, if they choose. My perspective is coming from having studied a variety of healing arts in Olympia for the past 20 years. I can attest that this practitioner offers a service that is genuine, authentic and grounded in experiential knowledge. I highly recommend EarthInHeart polarity and coaching work! Shannon Bushnell – Massage Therapist

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I am happily accepting new clients for the following services:

Polarity life coaching

 Polarity Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

BodyMind Bridge Hypnotherapy

Raindrop essential oil therapy

Mind/Body Massage

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 neck massage

Often, physical or emotional pain and dysfunction have their roots in an energetic imbalance. Addressing your issues from an energetic perspective in addition to a physical, can lead to deeper healing and insights.

Rates for all sessions:

payment due at time of service (sliding scale):

One hour $100-$140 

Hour and a Half $140-$210 

Two Hours $175-$280 

Add the Raindrop essential oil treatment to any session for $20

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As we journey through the elements you will experience how your own energy system comes into better balance through simple awareness and attention. Each of the chakras correlate with an element, and each element influences how you receive and process information and experiences.

Simply tuning into your own energy system with compassion and curiosity brings greater health, joy, ease, abundance and alignment in your body, your life, your livelihood and all of your experiences.

As within, so without!