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I have moved my practice to the beautiful White Building in downtown Olympia.  

209 4th Ave E Suite 203

Olympia, WA 98501

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  Phone: 360-480-0342  Fax: 915-995-9298

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Free 7 day digital course: Journey through the elements

Receive one module a day for the next 7 days!

Each day you will experience a written and/or audio lesson with a guided meditation and further prompts for exploration into your own energy system.

As we journey through the elements you will experience how your own energy system comes into better balance through simple awareness and attention. Each of the chakras correlates with an element, and each element influences how you receive and process information and experiences.

Simply tuning into your own energy system with compassion and curiosity brings greater health, joy, ease, abundance, and alignment in your body,  life,  livelihood, and all of your experiences.

As within, so without!


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